Welcome to my world

Hello! my name is Julia and this is where I will share all my thoughts about what its like living in my world. A world that has its ups but also has a lot of downs.

 Where to begin. Does anyone really know where to begin when telling someone about themselves? I certainly don’t. I guess Ill start with the basics.

 I live in Canada.I have just turned 30 and am still living at home with my mother. Is this a surprise to anyone? Maybe what is surprising is that my boyfriend of 3 and a half years lives with us. No, not surprising? Didn’t think so. This is what happens nowadays when you are a millennial and live in a big city I guess.

​I also have my RECE (Early Childhood Education). Do I have a full time job? scroll back up to where I live and I think you can guess that NOPE! no full time job for me. Im a supply at a childcare centre I love and am too scared to leave.

​When I’m not working I love to read. I will pretty much read anything. If you tell me enough times that you think I should read a book I probably will.

​Also I have a wonderful Learning disability (Dyslexia, had to look the spelling up of that word.)  that probably will make editing this interesting (maybe I won’t edit it! Probably should if I want people to read this though)

​I have also struggled with my weight for all of my teen years, and most of my 20’s. I never thought of myself as obese though. when I was 26 I was able to loose about 45-50 lb, which is awesome. I have only gained 10ish back. Im struggling with loosing those 10 lb and then continue to loose more.  I also have PCOS ( Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome) which for most women causes hair loss and weight gain. I thankfully don’t have to deal with that.

​I think that wraps it up about me. I really wanted to start this blog so I could talk about all 5 of these main areas of my life, plus added extras of course. Hopefully this blog helps me, and hopefully you come to terms that being who we are is ok.


I Still live at home

This is the post excerpt.

This is one of the most embarrassing topics I will ever have at the age of 30. I still live at home! When this topic of where do you live and who do you live with comes up it always puts a huge weight on me. When I tell people I still live at home I usually get answers like, ” I wish I still lived at home” No you don’t! ” Your so lucky you don’t have to pay for rent.” I do pay rent ” Rent is so expensive.” Yeah, thats why I can’t seem to move out. Bla Bla Bla. Its all the same. Do I really want to me living at home with my boyfriend at the age of 30? Hell no! this is the worst possible thing for me at my age. How am I able to consider myself to be a adult when I still live at home??? Thats right, I can’t! I have a younger brother who moved out about two years ago, and even though we never compared ourselves to each other. I hate that he has the ability to live with room mates, and I’m still at home. Probably due to the fact that I don’t have a full time job and embarrassingly never have. This being said I would be able to support myself if I did move out, I just want to have enough to buy things like you know, a new bed, a tv, chairs, and a kitchen table. I also love buying things like books, cloths, and pretty much everything else. I can’t help it! I love new things! This is my down fall! Ughhhhh, I just want to move out! I do have standard though as to where I want to move. I want it to be a nice place, no basement apartment, and I want to live in the neighbourhood that I still live in. Is this a crime? I don’t think so, its just what I want. I love my neighbourhood, my boyfriend and I have our favourite coffee shops and restaurants. Its also very easy to get around the city we live in. So no I won’t settle for an apartment in a different neighbourhood, when I love the one I live in now. I also love the fact that Im able to walk to work. This is one thing I’ve always been able to do, and I don’t think I would do well if I wasn’t able to walk to work.